The Lego Ninjago Movie

Being kept busy Art Directing the latest Lego Movie - Ninjago. Stay tuned for awesome mechs, cool Kung Fu action with stunning natural landscapes.

Avengers: Age of Ultron - concept design

As part of the art department on Avengers: Age of Ultron I designed the Jarvis Vs Ultron lab scenes. Animal Logic VFX Supervisor Paul Butterworth and Producer Jason Bath foster a collaborative creative environment and many of us threw ideas into the ring for the look of both Jarvis and Ultron.

In these scenes Banner and Stark are trying solve the enigma of Ultron and Jarvis is attempting to decode and communicate with this new energy force.  

When we receive the shots we have to retro fit the holograms and graphics to Stark's motion. Robert Downey Jr basically waves his arms around gesturing and moving things that are not there. Working this way, in the end gives a really natural look, not overly choreographed.

BEASTLY by Animals - group show

Our group show opens this weekend - personal works from some of the great artists I work with at Animal Logic. Nice to see some of what they do outside of feature film. The cover image I've used on the poster is the exhibition piece by uber talented Vivienne To who is currently art directing the Lego Batman movie. 
I'm submitting two pieces: It's all about the Bucks - based on my series of beasts at their most awkward, 
and the second is 100% Recycled Biblical Beasts - a play on the old sticker books using some of the crazy assed beasts that appear in biblical art.

The Lego Movie

The Lego Movie - logo design | some production design for 'downtown' | typography design
- in Art dept, Animal Logic

Wrap Party invite 'Block Party instructions'

Stonking Beasts

Stonking Beasts.
Ink works on paper. A1 archival. 2014.
(Cat not included)
'Le marchand de Couleurs' - Bande dessinee (French graphic novel) in production. 
Collaboration with Pierre-Jacques Ober, Jules Ober, Felicity Coonan and Alex Mankiewicz. 
© Paper Movie Productions 2014

Richard Street Studios - New Orleans. Visual identity development.

Strong Films NOLA

Visual Identity design for Strong Films, New Orleans. Logo, playing card, Christmas card.

Sydney Opera House Presents

Sydney Opera House Presents - opener for online content - design & direction.
Comping by Toby Grimes.

Acknowledged: Sydney's Homeless Exhibition NSW State Library

Last year I conceived and curated an exhibition of portraits of Sydney's homeless taken at Sydney Homeless Connect - a charity I've worked with since it started 5 years ago. The exhibition ran for 10 weeks at the State Library of NSW.  I also designed a book to accompany the exhibition with stories of those homeless in the show. Photographers work featured: Angela Pelizzari & Jennifer Blau

sky ink

I love symmetry. I love sky. These combine both. Incredibly beautiful skies are delivered to us every single day and night, and yet some never really see it.

Your mouth will thank you.

Visual identity and marketing design for Monopole, Bentley & Yellow - the three award winning Sydney restaurants of the Bentley Boys: Chef Brent Savage and Sommelier Nick Hildebrandt.
Logos, signage, menus, web sites, promo and marketing materials.

From my blog "Synesthesia Envy" - #1 Lucky Luc (synaesthete)

Luc explained to me that for him, numbers, letters, names and words have their own colour. But a word will have a different colour depending on whether it is in English or French, and whether it is spoken or written, and even how it is pronounced! I think he may even experience them as taste too?

He also experiences the world according to his health and body temperature, his synaesthesia serving as a visual thermometer. The closer to fever he gets, the 'greyer' the world becomes. We spoke often about his sensory experiences, and a group of us, fascinated, and pleased for the distraction from our production schedule, would ask him to draw his synesthetic experience. The flavour of Gruyere was a soft white, rounded wedge shape that fit in the mouth and the more piquant blue cheese was a stringy stream that he felt around his forehead. He also had a special colour for each of us according to our name, how long he'd known us, the sound of our voice, and how he liked us! It changed over time.

After many conversations I felt I could ask a most personal question. "How do you experience orgasm?" To my complete envy he described a fantasia of exploding colour and shapes. Damn! He is one lucky guy, and I'm sure there are many out there who literally experience what we only can metaphorically.

I'm grateful for Luc's patience with my obsession. He is an awesome painter with a phenomenal sense of colour and light. To drive around in his brain for just a day would be a dream.

Read more on my encounters on my Synesthesia Envy blog.

Happy Feet 1 & 2

Happy Feet 1 & 2 - poster and marketing design. I was also the art director for 'skies' for HF2 - second most awesome job ever.

TypoPsycho + OCDADD

Typo doodle doo
This is why I have RSI. Some of my original sketches.Some might say Obsessive Compulsive Drawing.
OCD RSI with a dash of ADD. Wish I had the hypo too.

Legend of The Guardians - Art of Book & Production Design

Legend of the Guardians, The Owls of Ga'Hoole - credit sequence designed and directed by Felicity Coonan
The Art of Legend of the Guardians is finally here, printed and fabulous. Worth waiting for. An extremely limited edition, but can be bought through the Animal Logic web site

The book features my 'Ga'Hooligans' font.
Ceremonial banner designs for the good guys - 'Samurai Dreamtime' featuring the graphic language developed for the film.

Helmet surface and decorative design
Bad guy banners
 Map of the film
Illustration of 'The Great Tree'

Cat Nap Map

So, I mapped the position of my cat napping on my page - traced around her every time she moved.. Curiously it ended up looking kind of cat like.
Further proof cats really are secretly ruling the world.

Animal Logic logo design & marketing

Animal Logic original logo & marketing designs. Logo | Flower Type Mash Up | Holiday Animal

Earthly Delights | Obey 16

Portraits for my daughter Gabrielle's 17th birthday. She is most definitely an angel having an earthly experience. Portrait of my son Louis @ 16.  homage to Shepherd Fairey.

Drawing Book 2

Illustration and design for Animal Logic's annual goodie - The Drawing Book. 
The latest version (right hand pic) was illustrated by Charles Santoso